Peacock Cafe: A Georgetown Neighborhood Standby

peacockOn Friday and Saturday nights, people from all over the city flood the intersection of Wisconsin and M Streets in Georgetown for dinner and drinks. And yet while Georgetown seems to have the reputation for having great restaurants and bars, I often have a hard time finding a decent place in the area to go for dinner that has something for everyone on the menu. While there is an abundance of places to go for decent burgers and bar food and a small handful of moderately good places for ethnic food, there are few restaurants that serve consistently good contemporary American cuisine. For this, I find myself time and time again returning to Peacock Cafe on Prospect Street and Wisconsin Avenue.
While many of the people in the crowd at Peacock Cafe are couples on dates, I like to go here with a group. In these cases, the vegetarian nachos, which come with a generous portion of bean chili, cheese, avocado, and tomatoes, are a surprisingly great way to start the meal. I do not think that any of the other appetizers or salads are anything special, but I would certainly recommend the nachos. As for main courses, the salmon, pork chop, penne with chicken, and beef tenderloin with gnocchi are good, standard dishes. The burgers are also solid, and the “peacock fries” that come with them are always hot, salty, and delicious. The filet mignon, when ordered medium rare, is always cooked just the way I like it– dark pink and juicy in the middle.
Peacock’s menu also offers meatloaf. For some reason, I feel like meatloaf has a bad stigma. Perhaps it is the name of the dish; a loaf of meat certainly does not sound appealing. Or maybe it is the association with the overweight singer. But if you can get over the embarrassment of ordering meatloaf, I would certainly recommend this dish, which comes with mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, carrots and string beans.
While I enjoy going to Peacock for dinner, I think that their brunch is actually much better. Their brunch menu offers a variety of breakfast dishes including a delicious egg-white omelet that does not taste like glorified whipped air because it is filled with black beans and red peppers. If you are not in the mood for a brunch cocktail, the smoothies from their juice bar, especially the “bananacino” smoothie of banana, espresso, honey, and milk, are a great way to start a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you decide against breakfast food, the sandwiches that are also offered and can be served with soup or salad are some of the best items on the menu. I like the warm Sophia Loren with turkey, Brie, pesto, tomato, and sprouts or the tuna tortilla rolls.
I would recommend Peacock Cafe as a safe bet for a good meal for dinner before bars, brunch before shopping, or any time you just want to get out of the house for a bite to eat.

Peacock Cafe
3251 Prospect Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Dinner at Peacock

Dinner at Peacock


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