Noodle Bars

A trip to Chabuya Tokyo Noodle Bar in West LA reminded me of how much I love these kinds of places. Asian noodle bars are  great places for a quick and easy bite to eat–  excellent alternatives to fast food. Most, like Chabuya, offer a menu with classic Ramen noodles with a variety of meats, tofu, and veggies.

Chabuya also reminded me of how few noodle bars exist in the DC area. I have only been to one– Pho 75 in Arlington, VA, just across the key bridge from Georgetown. Here, this cafeteria-style establishment offers about 20 different types of Vietnamese style noodles, my favorite being the white meat chicken. The noodles are very bland when they are first served, but when the Thai basil, bean sprouts, lime, and hot sauce are added, these bowls of noodles make a delicious meal. However, Pho 75 closes at 8 pm, so keep this in mind if you are thinking of heading there for dinner.

Of course, there are now some more up-scale noodle bars such as Momofuku in New York. While Momofuku is certainly delicious and the food is definitely more varied and interesting, it is the casual places like Chabuya that are missed in DC.

Spicy Kara Kara Noodles from Chabuya

Spicy Kara Kara Noodles from Chabuya

Pho 75
1721 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 525-7355


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