One Night in Vegas: Tom Colicchio’s CraftSteak

CraftSteakAs a side trip to our Spring Break vacation in Los Angeles, we took a one night road trip to Las Vegas. After an afternoon at the black jack table and a very mediocre lunch at Todd English’s Olives, which was surprisingly disappointing because I have had many good meals at both his Boston and DC restaurants, we headed over to CraftSteak in the MGM Grand for dinner.

After we were overwhelmed by the wine list as long as the dictionary, we settled on glasses of the Syrah, which were very good. We then started with two salads, a spinach in truffle vinegrette and a beet salad. The truffle oil made a very flavorful dressing, but by the end of the salad I felt that my taste buds were overwhelmed with salt. This is pretty consistent with Tom Colicchio’s insistance on plently of salt and pepper as a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. While I thought the beet salad was very good with its varieties of red, yellow, and pink beets and light but flavorful dressing, my friend, a self-proclaimed beet connoseur, found them overcooked and soft.

The CraftSteak menu offers  extensive kobe steak options for the high rollers, but we stuck to classic cuts of roasted and grilled steaks on the regular menu. For main course, the boys at the table ordered ribeyes and the girls ordered filet mignon. I was  slightly disappointed in my filet– I ordered it medium rare, but it came cooked medium. The ribeyes were cooked according to how they were ordered, and were more flavorful, as to be expected from a fattier cut. The boys were very happy with their steaks.

For sides, we all shared green beans with almonds, mashed yukon gold potatoes, and shiitake mushrooms. The green beans were a little oily, and the mushrooms were a little dry, but the sides were good overall. The potatoes were especially delicious and went well with a bite of steak.

I found CraftSteak to be comparable with Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak Restaurants, one of which is in Washington, DC. I have to say that I prefer the overall experience at BLT. From the popovers and foie gras to start to the more creative options for appetizers, mains, and desserts, BLT is a more interesting restaurant in my opinion.


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  1. PS

    Your first mistake was ordering fillet. No one in the history of steak has ever thought this to be a good idea.

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