Surfside: Tacos at Their Best

surfside_frontI hate steak tacos. The meat is always tough and dry– an overcooked mess of a terrible cut of meat. So the first time I went to Surfside, a casual Mexican dining spot on Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park that was recently opened by the good people of Jetties salad and sandwich shop on the outskirts of Georgetown, I ordered the “Maui” fish of the day (which happened to be Mahi Mahi) tacos. These fish tacos were pretty good; but then I tried my friend’s “Cabo San Lucas” steak tacos, which were great. The steak at Surfside is grilled so that it is juicy and tender in a flavorful marinade with grilled onions and poblano peppers.

As I have a bias toward the more flavorful and authentic corn tortillas as opposed to flour, I have always passed on the burritos served in  large flour tortillas and opted for the soft tacos. All of the tacos are served with guacamole and a hefty cilantro topping with a side of rice with red beans. The guacamole is made with very different ingredients than what I use when make it, but it is excellent. While I usually mix avocados with tomatoes, red onions, salt, and a ton of lemon juice, Surfside uses olive oil instead of lemon and flavors it with cilantro.

While the steak tacos are definitely my favorite, the “Nevis” shrimp tacos are also notable. The shrimp are small and fresh and topped with a sweet pineapple salsa. The queso is also good, it has a kick to it but is definitely not too spicy. At night, the bar has a pretty good-sized crowd, and the margaritas are nice and sour. The only thing that I have tried that I would not recommend is the “Baja” salad– it was boring and not nearly as tasty as the other things on the menu.

Overall, Surfside is a great place for lunch or a casual early dinner with friends, and the tacos are a must. Rooftop dining will also be a perk when the weather is warmer.

2444 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-0004



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2 responses to “Surfside: Tacos at Their Best

  1. PS

    “but then I tried my friend’s Cabo San Lucas”….your friend? really?

  2. maddik11

    Ha, I was talking about Liza!

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