A Taste of Spain in Washington

f_baenaShortly after my trip to Spain, I went out for Catalonian tapas at Bodega in Georgetown. I had enjoyed Bodega in the past, but this time I was able to appreciate its authenticity having just returned from Barcelona. While the atmosphere is funkier than anywhere I had eaten in Spain, the menu lists all of the same dishes as the tapas restaurants in Catalonia.
The meal began with bread and extraordinary olive oil, Crismona imported from Spain. The manager told me the restaurant specially orders it from A&H Gourmet and Seafood Market in Bethesda, MD.  A&H is both wholesale and retail, so Crismona can be purchased there in a variety of quantities. I promptly called and ordered some to be shipped to my house.
Every dish I have ordered at Bodega has been very good. The seared diver scallops with creamy caper sauce and sautéed fava beans made me re-think my general distaste for fava beans. The sautéed shrimp in garlic and Crismona Virgin Olive Oil is delicious, doubtless because of the high quality olive oil. The patatas bravas are exactly like the ones I ate in Girona, Spain—hot and crispy and delicious.
My recent experience at Bodega was for a late afternoon snack, so I did not try the paella or any of the other larger, heavier dishes. However, Bodega is certainly a great place to stop for a light meal during an afternoon of shopping in Georgetown.

Bodega                                                         A&H Gourmet and Seafood Market
Spanish Tapas and Lounge                     4960 Bethesda Avenue
3116 M St, NW                                           Bethesda, MD 20814
Washington, DC 20007                           (301) 986-9692
(202) 333-4733


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