New Neighborhood, New Favorite Italian Restaurant


I’ve moved! I am no longer a Georgetown student and I now reside in the Logan Circle neighborhood. This means there are a ton of new places for me to try in this recently re-energized area around 14th Street. And while I plan on expanding my culinary horizons in my new neighborhood and trying as many restaurants as possible, I can’t help but play favorites already. I moved in Sunday. It’s Wednesday. I’ve been to Posto twice.

Everything I have tried at Posto, both food and wine, has been delicious thus far. The antipasti I tried—prosciutto and a variety of cheeses—were high quality and flavorful. The antipasti also come with a basket of incredible bread that has been lightly charred in the pizza oven. All of the salads on the summer menu (they change their menu seasonally) look great, but I got the Insalata del Posto both times I went because it was just so good the first time. This arugula salad with fennel, toasted almonds, shaved pecorino romano, and red wine vinegar is flavorful, crunchy and refreshing.

The bread from the antipasti plates foreshadows the pizza crust. I used to think that the pizza at 2 Amys far exceeds any other DC restaurant’s pizza, but now I am not so certain. Posto’s crust is thinner than 2 Amys, which I prefer, and the other ingredients are comparable. Additionally, seasonal pizzas are introduced throughout the year while some of the favorite pizza options remain on the menu. I can only hope more restaurants specializing in artisinal pizza pop up in this pizza-starved city as they are all the rage in New York. Word is that Spike Mendelsohn of Bravo’s Top Chef and Capitol Hill’s Good Stuff Eatery is looking to open his own pizza spot.

The pasta at Posto is also excellent, not surprising considering its sister restaurant, Tosca, is known for their fresh pasta dishes. I tried the three meat ravioli in thyme butter sauce, which was very good, and every pasta dish that came by looked great.

While I definitely think Posto shines for its pizza and pasta, the seafood entrees were also very well prepared. The arctic char, one of my favorite fishes (a cross between salmon and white fish),  with peppers, asparagus, and lemon was good and the scallops with yellow tomato sauce, snow peas, and fried leaks were great.

Posto was a great start to my new neighborhood tasting tour. I can only hope to discover more culinary gems.

1515 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005-3780
(202) 332-8613



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