I Love You, Eggs

Eggs: Perfect in their simplicity

Eggs: Perfect in their simplicity

After my rant a couple weeks ago about how gross I think green peppers are and why, I thought I might write a post about one of my favorite foods to maintain some semblance of positivity. I didn’t have to think twice about the topic: eggs were my answer.

Eggs are fantastic for a number of reasons: they’re cheap, healthy, easy to make, taste great, and can be combined with lots of different ingredients and cooked in many different ways depending on individual taste. Basically, eggs are the perfect food.

I like eggs cooked all different ways: over easy with a nice runny yolk, scrambled, in a frittata, in an omelet, boiled and poached on toast, to name a few. My favorite way to make an egg meal for myself is to make a vegetable scramble. I chop any vegetables that I have in my refrigerator and sauté them in olive oil on medium heat. I like to use a wide variety of vegetables in every scramble including, but not limited to, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, avocado, and kalamata olives. I then take one whole egg and two egg whites and scramble them in a bowl. Next, I add shredded cheese, usually feta, goat, or sharp cheddar, to the eggs and mix well. Once the vegetables are almost completely cooked, I turn the heat way down to low heat (this is KEY to decent eggs) and add the scrambled eggs, distributing the vegetables into the runny egg. Every so often I stir the eggs in the pan so that they cook evenly and none of the eggs are cooked too much. A few minutes later, I sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and have a delicious and nutritious meal.

Eggs are obviously great for breakfast, but for me, they are the ultimate comfort food. If I’ve had a long day and I don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen but need to eat something before I crawl into bed, an egg scramble is the way to go.

Eggs have recently gotten a fair amount of praise from celebrity chefs and food writers. I loved what Mark Bittman did in his recipe posting and corresponding podcast, “More-Vegetable-Than-Egg Frittata.” This really exemplifies how eggs can be used not as the main focus of a dish, but as a component to maintain texture and form, a strategy that I employ in my vegetable-heavy scrambles. In Eric Ripert’s post on his visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns, he gushes about the soft boiled egg he ate (farm fresh, of course) that had been perfectly cooked in a circulator bath set at 61.9 degrees. Here, Ripert shows that although eggs are nothing new, the art of egg-cooking is continually advancing. Simple as eggs are, the possibilities are endless.


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