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Alternatives to Classic Peanut Butter

I enjoy  quality peanut butter slathered on bread, an apple or a banana as much as any non-allergic American, but its nice to add variation to my mid-afternoon snack once in a while. I’ve recently gotten into almond butter; it’s just like peanut butter except– that’s right– made from almonds.  My sister introduced me to the various options offered by Justin’s Nut Butter based in Boulder, CO. They offer classics including peanut butter, almond butter, and hazelnut butter and also varieties mixed with honey, maple, cinnamon, and chocolate. They also come in convenient sizes like 100 cal snack packs for travel (small enough to not be considered a hazardous liquid or gel!). Chocolate hazelnut on toast makes an excellent quick and easy dessert before bed.


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Are Asian Fusion Restaurants Still Cool?

I don’t really have anything against Asian fusion restaurants. In fact, I usually like the food because the dishes are often inventive and flavorful. I just find the concept sort of… tired.  That’s why I was surprised to hear that Masa 14, which opened in late September in my mid-city neighborhood, was to serve Latin-Asian inspired cuisine.  I had flashbacks to the 1990’s when I went to Jean George’s NYC restaurant Vong (now closed).  But I’m even more surprised that every time I walk by  Masa 14, I find it completely packed with people. So maybe I’m wrong.


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