Are Asian Fusion Restaurants Still Cool?

I don’t really have anything against Asian fusion restaurants. In fact, I usually like the food because the dishes are often inventive and flavorful. I just find the concept sort of… tired.  That’s why I was surprised to hear that Masa 14, which opened in late September in my mid-city neighborhood, was to serve Latin-Asian inspired cuisine.  I had flashbacks to the 1990’s when I went to Jean George’s NYC restaurant Vong (now closed).  But I’m even more surprised that every time I walk by  Masa 14, I find it completely packed with people. So maybe I’m wrong.



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2 responses to “Are Asian Fusion Restaurants Still Cool?

  1. Van

    um asian fusion restaurants are so the rage, just like rollerblades and chilean sea bass.

    couldn’t they have come up with something a little more, like, current?

    i think the point is, it’s packed because you could open up anything remotely chic along 14th street right now and it would be packed. so can we please get a jetties-esque sandwich place already!?

  2. Matt E

    Asian Fusion Restaurants are so last week…I saw Lindsay Lohan eat in one and I’m like are you fo’ real….god, everyone knows the NEW and HIP restaurants are Yoshinoya Beef Bowl….

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