Michelle Obama Promotes Healthy Living on Barbara Walters

Michelle in her signature sleeveless look

Last night, Barbara Walters named Michelle Obama #1 on her list of the Most Fascinating People of 2009. The list also included pop culture stars such as reality TV sensation Kate Gosselin and performance genius Lady GaGa. While the other interviews were certainly entertaining, it was nice that Walters asked the First Lady some legitimate questions on one of our country’s most pressing issues: health.

In the past year, the First Lady has worked to raise public awareness on the issue of nutritional health and fitness, most notably through her garden, the White House Farmers’ Market, and killer arm strength. I was pleased to hear that Michelle Obama plans to continue to promote healthy living. Indeed, Obama named this as the issue on which she would like to focus during her husband’s term in the White House. She stated:

I think I’ve begun to lay the foundation to a conversation about the health of our kids — particularly when we’re looking at statistics that say that one in three kids in this country are obese, and those numbers increase if you’re African-American or Hispanic… So we’re going to spend a lot more time on that issue in the years to come.


View the interview here.


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