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Windowless Urban Gardens

Of course, one of the first things I did upon moving was change my Daily Candy and UrbanDaddy location settings from DC to NY to stay current with new restaurants, bars, concerts, sample sales, and everything else I might need to know about. After all, its been a while since I’ve lived in NY and I have to admit I’m a little behind on the times up here.

One of the first email blasts I read from Daily CandyNew York is actually  relevant to anyone living in limited space in any city, and so I thought I would share. A couple Daily Candy contributors tried out the Window Farms project in their Brooklyn apartment and shared their success here. Check out the video below to find out what the project is all about.


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I’ve Moved!

Some of you loyal readers (hi mom!) may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. In a whirlwind past few weeks I’ve gotten a new job and moved back to NY, and so I haven’t had the chance to blog as much as I’d like.

I’m still not sure how I’ll change MAF, if at all. Since the summer, I’ve been writing about food from a more general nutritional and health-conscious perspective. I think that I will continue to focus my blogging in this way, which isn’t so dependant on restaurants and other goings on about town tied to a specific geographical location.

So, please keep reading! New posts will be coming shortly.

And New York, it’s good to be home.


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