About MAF

MAF is for anyone who appreciates great food and drinks, whether it means going out or staying in to get it. MAF is written by Maddie Kennedy, who grew up outside New York City with a foodie family, including a nutritionist mom, who taught her the pleasures of going out and entertaining. Maddie moved to Washington, DC in 2005 for college and is currently working in the area. She eats out frequently and often hosts and engages in dinner parties with friends. maddie

Contact Me!

Email: maddieaboutfood@gmail.com

Twitter: maddieaboutfood

LinkedIn: Madeleine Kennedy


5 responses to “About MAF

  1. I like your blog…now your turn to see mine http://youmightgetachuckle.blogspot.com/

    how have ya been?

  2. mrs. razook

    Being an original foodie myself I love your blog – Charlie emailed it to me last evening – very informative and very cool!

  3. Tessa

    That lovely picture of you and the best restaurant cheesecake I’ve ever had makes me feel like a MAF contributor of sorts…

    Also, sorry about those green peppers this weekend.

  4. Jed

    Maddie? Food? What’s not to love about this blog?

  5. Your green pepper post was terrific! Bravo.

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